Remote Consultation Survey

From Monday 31st August you may be asked to take part in a survey following a remote consultation with your HIV clinician. If you opted to complete the survey online please follow the link texted to you. If you have opted for a call-back telephone survey, a member of our team will call you within 72 hours of your last appointment. Please read the information below before starting the survey.

Remote Consultation Patient Survey – Participant Information

Q. Why have I been asked to take part in this survey?

A. This survey is to gather information on your recent experience of remote consultation (a consultation on the phone or by video link). We think that some people might want to use this option in the future, instead of attending a clinic. We will use this information to guide development of our services to provide care that offers more options for our patients.



The COVID-19 pandemic has forced clinicians to provide routine HIV care by remote consultation. Many people living with HIV in Scotland are on treatment with an undetectable viral load and don’t need a physical examination at their routine follow up. Rebuilding after the COVID-19 pandemic provides an opportunity to consider alternatives to improve patient experience and convenience and use resources more efficiently. A remote consultation might be a convenient option for people in the future, but we need to know how patients feel about the possibility.

Q. Do I have to take part?

A. No. Your participation is voluntary.

Q. How long will it take?

A. The survey will take about 20 minutes.

Q. How do I take part in the survey?

A. During your routine consultation you will be offered the option of either a text-link to an online survey for you to complete in your own time or a call-back from a telephone interviewer who will complete the survey on your behalf.

Q. What if I start doing the survey and don’t want to answer the questions or don’t want to continue?

A. You may withdraw from taking part in the survey at any point and you do not have to give a reason.

Q. Will people know I have taken part in the survey?

A. All your answers will remain anonymous. We do not record your name or any other personal information.

Q. Who else is involved in this survey?

A. Our partners include other health boards in Scotland, HIV Scotland and Public Health Scotland.

Q. How do you get the information from my survey?

A. All questionnaires are completed using Snap Survey hosted by NHS Grampian. All of the information is gathered by NHS Grampian and then distributed to individual health boards for their further review.

Q. Will I get any feedback about the outcomes from the survey?

A. We will make the survey findings available to clinics for distribution and through the HIV Scotland website.